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It will certainly be a brilliant day for crypto when this sleazebag goes to prison.

Sep 27th 2023, 2:55 pm
Posted by liliadorro
Bitboy Crypto (Ben Armstrong) was allegedly embezzling cash from the firm by paying his girlfriend Cassie Wolfe $50,000 a month to his girlfriend, to name a few points. This is purportedto Ran from Crypto Exchange that had the court filings.

According to Ran from Crypto Small Talk, Bitboy Crypto (Ben Armstrong) was purportedly embezzling cash from the company and channeling $50,000 a month to his mistress Cassie Wolfe by paying her as an independent contractor. He also was utilizing the company possessions as security for individual fundings.

There is also accusations of spoken threats to employees, physical attack of workers as well as various other accusations. The firm is seeking to pay Bitboy Crypto for his 1/3 stake. Ben had formerly in old stream mentioned he had 70% of the company, to ensure that was either a lie or he sold some risks given that after that.

I am truthfully not shocked of the dishonesty, bitcoin mining website or truly a lot of the other claims. He constantly was a sort of individual that appeared to play rapid and loose. Regarding his infidelity, bitcoin mining calculator he met his existing partner when he was bad, over 300 pounds, as well as a druggie. If you treasured this article and you would like to receive more info relating to Miner Bitcoin kindly visit our web site. Currently he's abundant as well as on steroids.

I was wagering that was going to take place if it really did not occur currently based upon his behavior as well as mannerisms. $50,000 a month appears method high though unsure if that was just for a brief duration or something.

I have no concept how people can pay attention to this man and also believe 'this man is so switched on, crypto mining I'm mosting likely to put my funding in this guys hands'

He's possibly the biggest clown in the room and that's saying a great deal in crypto.

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